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who we are

Muze International is a full-service Influencer agency representing food, lifestyle, and travel creatives around the world.

Muze provides original, buzz-worthy content and verified stats on creators across the United States and around the globe. These sought-after creators are sourced from today’s most recognized social sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

We provide content and the latest in influencer marketing services to hospitality and restaurant brands, helping them streamlineーand maximize the value ofーtheir efforts. This strategy will allow better campaign planning, quarterly and yearly influencer spends.

At Muze, we carefully and effectively manage content strategy, brand research, contract negotiations, ensure all product deliverables, schedule and moderate posts, create and assist in editing of copy, manage compliance, ensure campaign success, and provide useful insights and data reports which include all assets, engagement, comments, impressions, and purchase intent clicks.

The effectiveness of traditional advertising has diminished in the  rise of social media. Just 33% of consumers trust ads while 74% of consumers trust peer recommendation.

In the digital age we are living in, audiences have shifted from traditional forms of media (TV, radio, newspapers) to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This is where Muze International comes in with influencer marketing. Brands can now meet their customers where they are. When a brand interacts and engages with consumers on a social platform, they begin a conversation that transforms a purchase into an experience. These powerful personal interactions elevate the brand’s connection with its customers and inherently grow brand loyalty.

When making purchasing decisions, it has been found that peer recommendation is the most powerful influencer. As it is rooted in the concept of peer-to-peer communication, social media is the ideal way for a brand to grow its loyal customer base.

Word of mouth is an even more powerful tool than it ever was, generating more than double the sales of paid advertising, with a 37% higher retention rate among these consumers, according to a 2014 McKinsey Study.


The ability to grab and hold attention is a valuable skill and a growing commodity in today’s market. Consumers selectively and rapidly choose where they spend their attention, while brands are forced to focus their marketing dollars on the channels where consumers are measured to most invest their highly sought after attention.

Influencers are those who have large, dedicated followings on various niche subjects like food, lifestyle, and/or travel. By allowing brands to target consumers in their own niche with ultra-focused communication, working with influencers offers:

  • Build brand awareness with interested consumers.

  • The “me, too” effect, allowing consumers to have personal interactions with the brand.

  • Establish long-term, tangible relationships, with influencers and the audience alike.

  • Convince consumers to take a deeper dive with your brand, i.e.: follow your brand, subscribe to newsletters.

  • Drive traffic to social media and websites and encourage bookings or sales.



By including unique tracking links with a direct call-to-action, Influencers invite followers to explore, make a reservation, make a purchase, etc.


Partnering with an Influencer allows instant visibility and growth of your social audience.


With variables like custom promotional codes and tracked links, we measure exactly how much traffic was driven to the site by the Influencer’s efforts, allowing your brand to effectively analyze which Influencers strongly resonate with your consumers and drive conversions.


Partner with Influencers to share dedicated blog posts and engaging social media posts to raise overall brand awareness.